A Simple Energy Clearing Activity You Can Do Right NOW!

Use this easy and simple energy clearing activity any time, anywhere to instantly shift your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Do you ever find yourself feeling a snowball effect of emotions and you just need a place to dump them? You’re not alone. I completely felt that way the other day and came up with a super helpful writing exercise to release the old draining energy and replace it with new, creative energy.

As I was doing this exercise, I noticed something really interesting. First, I had some very deeply rooted negative thoughts and emotions I’d shoved away for a very long time and  had been playing on repeat in my subconscious mind. Second, I was brought back to my teenage years when I would write or journal my thoughts and feelings. It was as though I had jumped into a time capsule and was that girl again. Thinking those same thoughts and feeling those same emotions. And then, my consciousness pointed out to me everything I was telling myself was completely false and I had this deep sense of compassion and love for myself again, and for others. I also realized those thoughts and emotions had been recycled over the years and nothing about them really changed other than the names of the people or the sorts of circumstances I included in my stories. Other than that, it was just the same thing, different decade.

I have come across so many wonderful self-help exercises and activities and they all seem to boil down to the same concept: clear out the programmed subconscious beliefs, dump the attached emotions, and replace them with conscious thoughts and emotions that serve you and take you to the place of being that you desire to live in. Meditation, affirmations, journaling, psychotherapy, hynotherapy, etc. all are designed to target the subconscious mind and begin to replace the old program with a new one. The only catch? 95% of your thoughts belong in the subconscious mind and only 5% belong in your conscious mind. You can imagine how challenging it can be to complete re-hardwire your brain, right? Fortunately, there are two critically important and effective ways to expedite the process.

First, you have to get into a state of focus and suggestibility. When you’re suggestible, you get beyond the analytical mind and open up the doors to new possibilities. It’s the essence of letting your guard down and allowing the new to come in and clear house. Focus is important as well. If you’re not focused on what you’re doing, then you’re not actually getting out what you’re desiring to put in. Capiche?

Second, you must marry the new thought with an elevated emotion. When you pair the two, your mind and body become one and you create a coherence. Your body receives a new signal of how to feel and be. Believe it or not, our bodies become addicted to the chemical responses produced by our thoughts conceived in the brain. When we change our thinking, we change our chemical response and our bodies begin to learn a new state of being.

Before I share this life changing exercise, I invite you to take notice of the shift that happens within yourself as you do this exercise, from start to finish. Notice how you feel before, during, and after. Even more deeply, notice how you feel once you start and as you progress through. What comes up for you? What pictures do you see in your mind? Can you stretch beyond what you’ve written? Pay attention to what your mind, body, and heart experience throughout. You may be surprised at what you’ve been holding back and how much better you feel after!

OK. Without further ado, let’s get started!

First, find a quiet spot where you can sit and go within without any distractions. You need to be able to focus here. Grab a couple pieces of blank paper and something to write with. No typing on a mobile device, typewriter, computer, etc. Research shows writing things down actually creates a much greater connection to what you’re writing vs typing. So, stick to the old fashioned writing method.

Next, take one sheet of paper and, at the top, write “Subconscious Thought Download”. These will be the thoughts you need to dump from your initial hardware and are downloading onto the paper from your brain. The old programmed thoughts and beliefs you’ve been clinging on to. Below, write down every single thought, line, by line, that comes up for you. Your thoughts do not all have to relate to one single topic or to each other. The goal is to just download or dump all of the negative thoughts that are not serving. Don’t skimp either! It can be easy to avoid the thoughts we don’t care to bring out of the shadows, but the only way to get rid of the spiders is to clear out the cob webs. Notice what comes up for your here. What emotions do you experience? No need to write this part down, just be consciously aware of your self.

On the top of a separate sheet of paper, write “Conscious Thought Upload”.  These will be the new thoughts that you are consciously choosing to replace the old ones and  upload into your brain, creating a new hardwired program. Place your two pieces of paper side by side. Starting with the first thought from your old program, think of a new and positive thought that essentially “erases” that old thought and write it down on your new piece of paper. Do this for every single thought. Here’s where the challenge comes in. Can you let go of the emotions you’ve attached to that old thought and come up with a new one with a newly attached emotion that generates love, joy, gratitude, kindness, compassion, joy, peace, or bliss? I encourage you to really stretch yourself here because this is where the hard work resides; letting go of attached emotions. Notice what comes up for you now. How have your thoughts and emotions transcended from the first list to the second?

Now for the best part. Take that first pieces of paper, your “Subconscious Thought Download” and shred it. Shred that baby into the tiniest pieces and dump it into the trash and keep the new one with you. At least, until you’re ready to release it. But, I encourage you to keep it with you to read over a few times until your beliefs have shifted and your subconscious mind is now thinking and recycling the new thoughts that you just created.

After I did this exercise, I felt completely liberated and “light”. The next day, I continued to feel amazing. It was so simple, yet so deep. Give it a try. You can virtually do this at any time and any place. If you’d like, you can even write both lists on the same piece of paper, or sticky note, and just tear it in half once your done. Shredding and throwing away only the half that doesn’t serve you.

And, you don’t have to wait until you’re at a huge breaking point to do this exercise. In fact, you can do it any time you find yourself in a place where your thoughts just are not serving you. Keep a small notebook and pen with you to have on hand when you need a little relief in a given circumstance. Just make sure you’re in a place and space where you can focus. Use this activity as your secret weapon to conquering yourself and handling your thoughts and emotions like a boss!



Andrea Anoka

Using Your Conscious Language to Change Your Reality

Why what you think and speak matter.

It’s no secret that we are all energies living and experiencing life vicariously through our physical vessels. And, since everything is made up of energy, we are all interconnected; to each other, our planet, nature, animals, etc. When we think thoughts and exchange experiences with others, we are co-creating our experiences of our reality. When a life event happens, our attitudes and feelings toward our experiences will determine whether we move upscale, downscale, or stay static.

We give power to our experience through our attention. As the commonly known saying goes, “where our attention goes, energy flows.” Focusing on problems reveals problems, while focusing on solutions brings solutions. Worrying about negative outcomes only breeds negative outcomes, etc. Energy flows through thought. Peace is attained when we are at peace in consciousness. Choose good health and you will have good health.

Always remember, our subconscious mind is literal. The things that we really believe in always happen and the belief in that thing makes it manifest. We are exactly what we are conscious of being. Changing our consciousness is the first step in changing what we are conscious of being. All change starts in consciousness first. Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.

By adjusting our awareness to our language, we expand our awareness. By becoming conscious to speaking, thinking, and hearing limiting language, we are able to make changes in our words, thoughts, and feelings. We’re able to speak, think and hear new positive, helpful, supportive, specifically healing words. We can begin to rewrite our scripts in love, abundance, joy, unity, grace and ease.

Be your own partner in health. Discover how your health is directly influenced by your language. Remember, your inner speech is your outer language. Immediately shift your states of lacking to your choice of having, being, doing, enjoying, and thriving. Be in the picture and reality of your own success.

Words are spirit vibrating into reality. The alteration of one word can change an entire reality. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. We have the power to change our thoughts, words, feelings, and outcomes. Only when we are prepared emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically will we transform one reality or condition into another. And only when we are aligned with our words, do they happen.

I assert, as we shift our consciousness and upgrade our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs – our personal and global health will also shift, and the silver lining of our current circumstance will reveal brighter days ahead.



Andrea Anoka

The Power You Hold Within

Our physical healing is our responsibility. How you can connect to the divine matrix, a.k.a. the quantum field,  to heal yourself from head to soul.


Did you know that our bodies regenerate constantly? We become new people at different times within each year. We’re constantly changing/regenerating so we can create the field through thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Image + feeling = the blueprint of iteration in the matrix.

Our bodies have the ability to self-regenerate and at impressive rates:

  • DNA – 2 months
  • Skin – 1 month
  • Liver – 6 weeks
  • Brain – 1 year
  • Blood (red blood cells) – 4 months
  • Bones – 90 days

So, how do we start to self-regenerate and heal our bodies without the use of outside influences, drugs, treatments, surgeries, etc.?

First, we must create a heart-brain coherence. The physical heart is coupled to the field of the matrix of information, boundless of classical limits of time and space.

Within our hearts, we have cells that function in a way to transcend the laws of physics.

The words we choose are the codes to reach within the field and choose the possibilities of our lives.

Second, we must use conscious language. Every word we speak is a command to the field. If you want health, speak the words that you are healthy. That your body runs optimally, your cells are clean and healthy, your organs function efficiently. You are free of dis-ease.

Affirmations can be impactful if the brain and heart state are in alignment with the #matrix. Be mindful of the words you use and the messages you speak and emit to the field.

Third, you must reach the appropriate brainwave state. Science has discovered that there are 8 brainwave states; 4 standard and 4 advanced.

Gamma is the 5th brainwave state that we can obtain and it id the one associated with a sense of well-being, connected, and “in the zone”. It is one of the most common brain states and seems to happen randomly.

The gamma brain state originates from the thalamus. It is the state where we become the essence of our environment; there is no time and no space.

Additional benefits of this brain state include:

  • Achieve super memory recall
  • Super fast learning
  • Super focus
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Gives access to the deepest states of intuition on demand
  • High gamma and theta brain states are associated with healing

So, how do you access Gamma on demand? Well, we have to harmonize the heart and brain.

  • Breath + focus = body senses all systems are enabled
  • Techniques: feel gratitude, appreciation, care, compassion -> opens the realm of possibilities
  • A must-know: compassion is not pitty or sympathy. Compassion is the step beyond empathy It is the emotional experience where we accept others’ suffering without judgement or attachment of the outcome. It is when we hold focus for a greater outcome. Compassion is the key to a gamma brain state.

Heart-brain coherence + gamma brain state = All Systems GO!

Lastly, you must feel the feeling as if your desire has already manifested. Feel the feeling of health without attachment to the outcome. Allow yourself to imagine what the full experience would feel like: smells, sounds, sensations, taste. Then, give thanks and gratitude for your manifestation.

Come from the outcome. By beginning with the outcome, our bodies begin to respond to the field. Be direct and straightforward about what you want your health to manifest into.

All things that you ask for straightly and directly from inside Source’s name, you will be given. Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full.

We ARE self-empowered masters. We are creators of our own reality.




The Stories We Tell Ourselves…”Not Enough Syndrome”.

How the stories we tell ourselves cause us to stand in our own way.

I admit it.

I let myself fall into the trap of “not enough syndrome”. It’s the trap that you allow yourself to be a victim of your circumstances with the belief that you have no control over how you feel or think, particularly about yourself. It’s the syndrome that allows you to live in the space of competition, jealousy, and resentment. It’s the syndrome that you allow yourself to adopt the #mindset that you are incomplete and imperfect. That you’re broken and less than anyone else. That you have nothing to give or offer the world that’s of any value. It’s the syndrome of you living in the hamster wheel of feeling sorry for yourself and allowing your excuses to come between you and your desires.

I grew tired of “not enough syndrome”. Of feeling like I am incapable of taking control over my own #happiness and of being a “victim”. What I didn’t realize was that happiness is a choice just as are victimhood, guilt, shame, resentment, fear, joy, and gratitude. I made an agreement with myself that I am not my excuses and that nothing can come in between me and my dreams. I get to choose who I want to be, how I show up in the world, and what I want to do with my life.

The easiest way to achieve joy and happiness? Doing something of service for someone else. Doing something kind for yourself or someone else. Setting down your ego and opening up your heart. We have to get our of our own way if we’re ever going to truly be happy.

Emotions are #energy in motion. They’re a vibration in the body that can be changed in an instant, if you let them. With the help of good feeling thoughts, you can quickly #change your energy from sad and pitiful to happy and joyful. BUT you have to set down your ego and surrender. It’s the only way, but it’s worth the uncomfortable journey.

Anything uncomfortable and unfamiliar is worth pursuing. Growth comes with change and we can only grow and help ourselves when we make a clear, intentional agreement with ourselves that we are going to change – whatever that means for our individual selves.

You are strong, you are powerful, you are worthy, you are enough and only you can decide that this is true.

Keep shining your big beautiful light, my friends.


Set It and Forget It

How Using the Law of Attraction Can Bring Health, Wealth, and Abundance In Your Life

It’s gaining more and more popularity, the Law of Attraction. I’ve heard people use the phrase so loosely without actually understanding how it works and how to use it properly. So many gurus make it sound so simple and so easy, yet don’t include the important details. The theory goes, set your intention for what you want, visualize it, and let it go and what you want will come into your life because you simply thought about it. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as thinking about something and “poof!” it magically appears. The crucial step that no one actually hears about is that you actually have to align yourself with the result that you’re trying to attract!

“…you actually have to align yourself with the result that you’re trying to attract!”

Hear me out. Say that you want to lose 10 pounds or attract $1,000 to your bank account. Great! First thing’s first; you must start by setting your intention. Set your goal: think it, write it down, and then speak it out loud. Everything begins with a thought, thus why you must think of the goal you’re seeking to accomplish. When we write things down, we take what’s in our minds and solidify and see what’s in our brains now on paper. Words hold a vibrational frequency, thus when we speak our goals out load that frequency vibrates through every cell of our body. This then transcends that higher vibration out into the universe for it to respond.

“Set your goal: think it, write it down, and then      speak it out load.”

Next step, get clear on your goal to create a belief. When we believe in something, we take action which creates results. Break your big goal down into bite-size step-by-step goals for you to clearly see the path that will lead you to your goal so you can start taking action.

Emotions are what create vibrational frequencies. Without emotion attached to your goal, you will not be able to get your message out into the universe. Start by visualizing your goal and take yourself to the state as if it’s already happened. If you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, visualize yourself 10 pounds thinner and what that would feel like emotionally. What would you look like? How will your clothes fit differently? How will you feel about yourself? How would you carry yourself? What about your has changed energetically?

Then, ask yourself why you want this goal and how it would make you feel. Ask yourself until you can find no more answers to your why. If there is no why, there is no purpose and thus no attainment. Your why should fulfill at least one of your 6 core human needs; certainty, variety, growth, love and connection, significance, and contribution.

E-motion is energy in motion. When we get emotional about something, we are driven to take action. On an energetic level, emotion creates energy in motion which moves and connects with the entire movement of the universe and becomes one with it. This creates connection and manifestation of what you want in life.

      “Without emotion attached to your goal, you will not             be able to get your message out into the universe.”

Now, focus. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show. What we focus on expands. By putting more time, energy, and focus into one thing, the more that energy expands and creates the result. Once you’ve generated energy and focus into your goal,  forget it. Now that you have your goal, the emotions attached to it, the focus and actions behind it, let go. The more your suffocate something by trying to force it to happen, then further it slips away from you. You’re actually creating resistance to that desired result. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “go with the flow”? Let go of any expectations and just let the universe work its magic while you continue to align yourself with the outcome.

What’s just as important when we’re trying to create a certain result is trust. Trust the process. On an energetic level, fear is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies and on a physical level, it stops action. As cave people, this served us in a protective way and our primitive brain did much of the navigating. If you believe in the process and trust that it’s going to work the way it’s supposed to, you’re much more likely to continue to take the actions that will align you with your goal.

        “…fear is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies                and on a physical level, it stops action.”

Fear and doubt will not only cause you to stop taking but also create a greater distance between you and your goal. Most importantly, believe and trust in yourself! If you’ve never done something before, the unknown will be uncomfortable. Accept that this is part of the process and the journey and go with the flow of confidence, trust, and belief…and breathe! You will experience uncomfortable feelings and that’s normal. To resist the emotions, again, creates resistance to your desired result. Breathe through the emotions and keep trusting the process.

Last but not least, allow. Everything is perfect. Know and accept that everything is happening as it’s meant to and that it’s perfect. The world is full of 50/50; 50% of the good and 50% of the bad. You can not have light without dark. There will be humps and bumps along the way, but you will not appreciate or even be open to allowing the good without those humps and bumps. Look at your challenges as paths to greater learning and understanding, opportunities to grow and expand.

       “Know and accept that everything is happening as it’s           meant to and that it’s perfect.”

When you see the positives in situations, you create space for allowing what you want to show up in your life at the right time. But, you have to be behind the right attitude and be good at both giving and receiving. You cannot give if you do not have and you can not have if you do not receive. When opportunities come knocking on your door, don’t keep the door locked. Open it up and allow the opportunity to waltz into your life and dance with you in bliss and harmony because your results have arrived!



Andrea Anoka

Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

My Top 7 Ways To Prep My Body For Cold and Flu Season and Keeping It Healthy Year Round

Here we are, full-fledged into autumn and getting hit left and right with advertising to get our annual flu vaccines. Let me be honest, I haven’t had a flu vaccine in nearly 10 years and I’ve not once gotten the flu. Hangovers, yes. Flues, no. And to add, I haven’t had a single symptom of the cold in two years. So, what’s the deal?

For starters, I don’t vaccinate. I know, I know. This is a touchy subject for many, but I’m a huge proponent of allowing the body to build its own resiliency to bad bacteria and viruses naturally. This means not vaccinating. Alongside all of the nasty ingredients that actually go into flu vaccines, the shots themselves don’t actually create immunity against the virus. Rather, they only create a resiliency to it. Not to mention, vitamin C has been proven since the 1950’s to outperform the flu vaccine in treating influenza. I remember the last time that I did vaccinate and guess what – I got the flu!

Once I switched to a plant-based diet two years ago, I also stopped coming down with colds and nasal infections. Prior, it was the same song and dance year after year. I’d get hit with a cold at least once, sometimes twice every “cold and flu season”. Year after year, I started noticing how weak my body felt when I got sick. It was miserable for me. Once I changed my diet I stopped getting sick. No joke! I’m a huge believer in the power of plants. Loaded with antioxidants, an abundance of nutrients, phytochemicals, and so much more. I’d like to think my body has thanked me for allowing it to detox through a lifestyle change, starting with food.

Next up, sleep. My sleep schedule was all over the place for years. I’d sleep too much or not enough. I’d sleep during the day and be up all night. It wreaked havoc on my body. With a regular sleep schedule and maintaining a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night (sometimes 9-10 depending), I have had so much more energy and have been allowing my body to do it’s natural healing through rest. And with rest, my body can repair right down to the cellular level.

Movement, a.k.a exercise, helps me keep my body and everything inside of it healthy and strong. Movement helps the muscles and organs run more optimally and process the nourishment that you take in. Not to mention the natural high I get when my body releases all of those wonderful endorphins, which are scientifically proven to make us happier. Happier people are generally healthier and making healthier decisions. Exhibit A: taking care of thy health.

Environment plays a huge factor in the body’s overall stress response. With the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the city life, chemical cleaners on every surface of everything that we touch, and the marketing to use anti-bacterial hand cleaners everywhere, our bodies really struggle to find space to relax and not try to overcompensate for everything stressful we ask for it to work through. Of course I’m not saying don’t wash your hands after using a public restroom, although, that’s your prerogative. I am saying to calm down on how often you wash them and consider opting for less toxic cleaning products whenever possible. This goes for your house as well. Keeping it clean and tidy does many wonderful things for our health, both mentally and physically, but the types of products that you choose to use can either help or hinder.

As I mentioned previously, stress plays a huge role in helping or hindering our immunity. When we’re in a constant state of stress, we’re in a constant state of flight or fight mode. This means you’re not relaxed. Even if you think you are, you’re probably not. I used to think I was relaxed and calm until I adopted a highly sensitive dog who could sniff out bull-shit a mile away. Animals are great a reading energy and they will be the first to let you know if yours is stressful or calm.

Lastly, I want to touch on gut health. Did you know that 80 percent of our immunity is in our own gut? That’s impressive! That also means that if we really want to keep our immunity strong, we must tackle balancing our gut health and keeping it happy. Probiotics are my secret weapon in balancing out my gut. These are the good guys that you want in your gut to wipe out the bad guys and continue defending you no matter what bad bacteria comes along. And what about prebiotics; the bad guys that feed the good guys? Well, these are important, yes, and they can easily be found in foods like bananas and apples. Although, I’m convinced more people are deficient in the good bacteria.

My favorite way to get my probiotics is through food. And not just any food, but fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. Although, you can really ferment anything that you want and get all of the good bacteria. Studies have shown that fermented veggies have trillions of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) of probiotics compared to any other source of probiotics. Plus, they’re extremely cheap and easy to make yourself. And you don’t need much. Just one standard-sized dinner spoonful of fermented veg per day will give you plenty of protection.

Creating a healthy foundation from the inside out requires change, a lifestyle change. It may or may not be an overnight thing for everyone, but it’s worth the outcome of a more healthful life. You can easily and affordably create a stronger, healthier body just by changing how to you take care of it. Colds and flues will have nothing on you once you start nourishing your body differently and create a more optimal immune system!


Andrea Anoka

Hitting Rock Bottom

Why I’m Not Ashamed to Hit Rock Bottom…More Than Once!

We often hear people tell their stories of hitting their “rock bottom” and that being the defining moment in their life to create a huge and lasting #change. But, what if you hit “rock bottom” more than once? Does that make you a loser or worthless? No, no it does not. It means you’re just a human being trying to align your mind and body with your truest self.

I hit rock bottom several times. Each one has felt like a huge blow to the stomach. They felt like the worst of the worst times. As though life was going to end for me because there’d be no possible way that I could get out of the huge rabbit whole I dug for myself. Of course, I could sit and wallow in my own self-induced suffering. Or, I could change who I am and what I’m doing.

The best lesson that I ever learned in life is to be honest with myself. When I look back at the times I’ve hit “rock bottom”, I look at patterns. How was I thinking, what was I doing, what was I feeling? I wouldn’t say that after the second lowest point in my #life that I had the “ah ha” moment and figured out the patterns. In reality, it was more around the third or fourth time. I know, I know, “that many times?!” Yes, yes that many times and I’ve learned to not be ashamed.

When we shame ourselves for doing something “bad”, we tell ourselves we’re not good enough. In essence, we really tell ourselves we’re pathetic, worthless, a loser, etc. This does not help us get anywhere. Why beat yourself up when you’re already down? Why not be your own best friend and pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and carry yourself across the finish line?

After time and time again of having to pick myself back up, I realized that it’s not anything unique. In fact, humans fall down all of the time. Remember when you were just a little tyke learning to walk and all of those times you fell down? Probably not, but it’s the same concept. We fall down all of the time, some falls are just harder than others and some just take longer to figure out the momentum to continue walking forward.

Live in the future, don’t stay stuck in the past. Your “rock bottoms” are your learning opportunities with yourself. This subtle shift in #mindset can be a catalyst in your journey of change. Be the person you wish to show up in the world and own your “rock bottoms”!


Andrea Anoka

Plant-Based Diets

Trendy Fad Or a Revolutionary Shift In the Standard American Diet?

More and more people are jumping on the #vegan bandwagon with their own motives: save the animals, save the plants, get healthy, reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medications taken, better mental clarity, etc. With two years of experience under my belt and having experienced major health improvements, it’s no surprise to me that this vegan/plant-based thing blew up so quickly, but is it just a fad?

With millennials looking for new cutting edge ways to better our planet, their seemingly love for new and creative food offerings, and rather health conscious, I don’t think this is much of a fad. In fact, I think we’re making a revolutionary shift in the way people eat across the globe, particularly in America. I have met my fair share of the baby boomer generation whom seems to be taking note of what millennials are gravitating towards and implementing these lifestyle changes for their own health and longevity. I’m sure the free-spirited hippies of the 60’s and 70’s are more than happy to know that their extremist lifestyles back in the day are making a comeback.

As people start to learn and better understand how food affects their health and that it can be a form of medicine, I don’t think this is just a generational thing either. Hip, fast-paced, environmentally friendly, future-focused, urban cities are paving the way for more vegan friendly food options via restaurants, grocery stores, food delivery services, etc. Now more than ever it’s becoming easier to access good quality, delicious tasting plant-based foods. Heck, even Burger King recently linked up with a major vegan burger company to start selling vegan burgers! The food industry has certainly caught on to what’s popular and offering their menus to be more vegan-friendly.

Now, do let me be clear; just because it’s “vegan” or “#plant-based” doesn’t mean that it’s healthy (I’ll touch on the difference between the two terms in another post!). You can easily make these foods unhealthy by adding loads of salt, sugar, saturated fats, and simple carbs. My rule of thumb is less processed, more natural real foods a.k.a. real whole, plant-based foods. This means shopping in the PRODUCE section of your grocery store…

Whether you’re just hopping on the train or an expert veg-head, I recommend opting for more fresh whole foods. Keep the processed goodies to a minimum and you’ll do just fine. Eating clean doesn’t have to be difficult. As one of my favorite sayings go, “Keep it simple, stupid.” 😉


Andrea Anoka


Opening your self up to receiving gratitude opens up your world to endless possibilities.

Gratitude. A word that I struggled to understand and a concept that I failed to apply to my own life. I’d heard numerous times throughout my life that I’m ungrateful. I even heard it from myself, but it just didn’t resonate with me. Until one day I was at the intersection of self-loathe and unhappiness that I realized how ungrateful I really was. But, how can you be grateful for anything when you’re not even grateful for yourself?

I took a lot of things, people, experiences, and opportunities for granted. I closed myself off to the wonderful side of the human experience because I was more wrapped up in being a victim in my own life that I couldn’t see the bigger picture. Life is full of circumstances, but it’s how you choose to think and feel about them that sets you apart from unhappiness.

“I was more wrapped up in being a victim in my own life that I couldn’t see the bigger picture.”

I had a lot of trapped emotions that I didn’t want to let go of. The worst was unconditionally loathing myself rather than unconditionally loving loving myself. I didn’t like who I was showing up in the world as. Petty, insecure, selfish, a victim, limited thinking, resentful, ungrateful…I didn’t truly appreciate the gifts that were right in front of me and within me. I didn’t appreciate my own ability to be a really great person in this world. I lived with an impoverished mindset, keeping everything to myself including my own unique gifts.

“I didn’t truly appreciate the gifts that were right in front of me and within me.”

It had been nearly a year since I had stepped onto my yoga mat and it was a practice I had never experienced. I was flowing, my heart was open, and I was present with myself. No limiting thoughts, no fears, no judgments. I had a brain-heart connection, something I had been seeking to experience but couldn’t let go enough of my ego in order to do it. It was during this practice that I had experienced that connection and felt #gratitude.

I remember feeling so much joy during my practice that I wanted to cry. I remember locking eyes with the yoga instructor and feeling a connection with another human being that was so genuine. I typically hate eye contact. It always felt so uncomfortable and awkward. My connection with her was one of sending gratitude, love, and thank you for creating this space for me to come and connect with myself. We all deserve to be able to do that.


Andrea Anoka

Self Love

Why Loving Within is the First Step to Loving Outwardly

For years I struggled with #self sabotaging behaviors and I couldn’t understand why until one day I heard the saying somewhere, “You can’t #love someone until you learn to love yourself”. That struck me to the core. I was in a long-term relationship with my now husband and I so badly wanted to believe that I could love him fully and unconditionally regardless of the relationship that I had with myself. I was so wrong.

Many of us so badly want and expect others to love us unconditionally when we fail to do it for ourselves. We’ve conditioned our brains to think negative, abusive thoughts about ourselves and our self-worth and thus have blocked our heart-brain connection. We create habits and behaviors that don’t serve us, but in the instant moment they feel so soothing.

“Many of us so badly want and expect others to love us unconditionally when we fail to do it for ourselves.”

Self love equals self discipline equals self integrity. It took me a while to wrap my brain around this concept, but it’s so true. When we commit to loving ourselves we commit to honoring our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. We create healthy boundaries in our relationships, consume nourishing food and drink ample amounts of water, we take care of our physical needs, and we connect to our hearts and souls. For me, this means connecting on a spiritual level and it was the missing link holding me back from being well-rounded in my wellness.

Learning to quiet our ego and listen to the little whisper inside of our hearts telling us the things that are in our best interest is the catalyst in our journey of self-love. Taking a step outside of ourselves to look at the bigger picture and ask “is this the type of person that I want to show up as?” is a real game changer in how we start to emotionally navigate ourselves. If we really want to create change in our lives, we have to ask and answer the tough questions. Maybe they’re not so fun, but they must be answered in order for us to truly know and envision who it is we want to be in this world and how we want to feel.

“Learning to quiet our ego and listen to the little whisper inside of our hearts telling us the things that are in our best interest is the catalyst in our journey of self-love.”

When we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we’re able to appreciate, accept and receive unconditional love from others. We’re able to accept love, joy, and feel gratitude and we’re able to attract the things we truly desire in life.


Andrea Anoka