The Power You Hold Within

Our physical healing is our responsibility. How you can connect to the divine matrix, a.k.a. the quantum field,  to heal yourself from head to soul.


Did you know that our bodies regenerate constantly? We become new people at different times within each year. We’re constantly changing/regenerating so we can create the field through thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Image + feeling = the blueprint of iteration in the matrix.

Our bodies have the ability to self-regenerate and at impressive rates:

  • DNA – 2 months
  • Skin – 1 month
  • Liver – 6 weeks
  • Brain – 1 year
  • Blood (red blood cells) – 4 months
  • Bones – 90 days

So, how do we start to self-regenerate and heal our bodies without the use of outside influences, drugs, treatments, surgeries, etc.?

First, we must create a heart-brain coherence. The physical heart is coupled to the field of the matrix of information, boundless of classical limits of time and space.

Within our hearts, we have cells that function in a way to transcend the laws of physics.

The words we choose are the codes to reach within the field and choose the possibilities of our lives.

Second, we must use conscious language. Every word we speak is a command to the field. If you want health, speak the words that you are healthy. That your body runs optimally, your cells are clean and healthy, your organs function efficiently. You are free of dis-ease.

Affirmations can be impactful if the brain and heart state are in alignment with the #matrix. Be mindful of the words you use and the messages you speak and emit to the field.

Third, you must reach the appropriate brainwave state. Science has discovered that there are 8 brainwave states; 4 standard and 4 advanced.

Gamma is the 5th brainwave state that we can obtain and it id the one associated with a sense of well-being, connected, and “in the zone”. It is one of the most common brain states and seems to happen randomly.

The gamma brain state originates from the thalamus. It is the state where we become the essence of our environment; there is no time and no space.

Additional benefits of this brain state include:

  • Achieve super memory recall
  • Super fast learning
  • Super focus
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Gives access to the deepest states of intuition on demand
  • High gamma and theta brain states are associated with healing

So, how do you access Gamma on demand? Well, we have to harmonize the heart and brain.

  • Breath + focus = body senses all systems are enabled
  • Techniques: feel gratitude, appreciation, care, compassion -> opens the realm of possibilities
  • A must-know: compassion is not pitty or sympathy. Compassion is the step beyond empathy It is the emotional experience where we accept others’ suffering without judgement or attachment of the outcome. It is when we hold focus for a greater outcome. Compassion is the key to a gamma brain state.

Heart-brain coherence + gamma brain state = All Systems GO!

Lastly, you must feel the feeling as if your desire has already manifested. Feel the feeling of health without attachment to the outcome. Allow yourself to imagine what the full experience would feel like: smells, sounds, sensations, taste. Then, give thanks and gratitude for your manifestation.

Come from the outcome. By beginning with the outcome, our bodies begin to respond to the field. Be direct and straightforward about what you want your health to manifest into.

All things that you ask for straightly and directly from inside Source’s name, you will be given. Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full.

We ARE self-empowered masters. We are creators of our own reality.