Using Your Conscious Language to Change Your Reality

Why what you think and speak matter.

It’s no secret that we are all energies living and experiencing life vicariously through our physical vessels. And, since everything is made up of energy, we are all interconnected; to each other, our planet, nature, animals, etc. When we think thoughts and exchange experiences with others, we are co-creating our experiences of our reality. When a life event happens, our attitudes and feelings toward our experiences will determine whether we move upscale, downscale, or stay static.

We give power to our experience through our attention. As the commonly known saying goes, “where our attention goes, energy flows.” Focusing on problems reveals problems, while focusing on solutions brings solutions. Worrying about negative outcomes only breeds negative outcomes, etc. Energy flows through thought. Peace is attained when we are at peace in consciousness. Choose good health and you will have good health.

Always remember, our subconscious mind is literal. The things that we really believe in always happen and the belief in that thing makes it manifest. We are exactly what we are conscious of being. Changing our consciousness is the first step in changing what we are conscious of being. All change starts in consciousness first. Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.

By adjusting our awareness to our language, we expand our awareness. By becoming conscious to speaking, thinking, and hearing limiting language, we are able to make changes in our words, thoughts, and feelings. We’re able to speak, think and hear new positive, helpful, supportive, specifically healing words. We can begin to rewrite our scripts in love, abundance, joy, unity, grace and ease.

Be your own partner in health. Discover how your health is directly influenced by your language. Remember, your inner speech is your outer language. Immediately shift your states of lacking to your choice of having, being, doing, enjoying, and thriving. Be in the picture and reality of your own success.

Words are spirit vibrating into reality. The alteration of one word can change an entire reality. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. We have the power to change our thoughts, words, feelings, and outcomes. Only when we are prepared emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically will we transform one reality or condition into another. And only when we are aligned with our words, do they happen.

I assert, as we shift our consciousness and upgrade our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs – our personal and global health will also shift, and the silver lining of our current circumstance will reveal brighter days ahead.



Andrea Anoka