Hitting Rock Bottom

Why I’m Not Ashamed to Hit Rock Bottom…More Than Once!

We often hear people tell their stories of hitting their “rock bottom” and that being the defining moment in their life to create a huge and lasting #change. But, what if you hit “rock bottom” more than once? Does that make you a loser or worthless? No, no it does not. It means you’re just a human being trying to align your mind and body with your truest self.

I hit rock bottom several times. Each one has felt like a huge blow to the stomach. They felt like the worst of the worst times. As though life was going to end for me because there’d be no possible way that I could get out of the huge rabbit whole I dug for myself. Of course, I could sit and wallow in my own self-induced suffering. Or, I could change who I am and what I’m doing.

The best lesson that I ever learned in life is to be honest with myself. When I look back at the times I’ve hit “rock bottom”, I look at patterns. How was I thinking, what was I doing, what was I feeling? I wouldn’t say that after the second lowest point in my #life that I had the “ah ha” moment and figured out the patterns. In reality, it was more around the third or fourth time. I know, I know, “that many times?!” Yes, yes that many times and I’ve learned to not be ashamed.

When we shame ourselves for doing something “bad”, we tell ourselves we’re not good enough. In essence, we really tell ourselves we’re pathetic, worthless, a loser, etc. This does not help us get anywhere. Why beat yourself up when you’re already down? Why not be your own best friend and pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and carry yourself across the finish line?

After time and time again of having to pick myself back up, I realized that it’s not anything unique. In fact, humans fall down all of the time. Remember when you were just a little tyke learning to walk and all of those times you fell down? Probably not, but it’s the same concept. We fall down all of the time, some falls are just harder than others and some just take longer to figure out the momentum to continue walking forward.

Live in the future, don’t stay stuck in the past. Your “rock bottoms” are your learning opportunities with yourself. This subtle shift in #mindset can be a catalyst in your journey of change. Be the person you wish to show up in the world and own your “rock bottoms”!


Andrea Anoka

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