Plant-Based Diets

Trendy Fad Or a Revolutionary Shift In the Standard American Diet?

More and more people are jumping on the #vegan bandwagon with their own motives: save the animals, save the plants, get healthy, reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medications taken, better mental clarity, etc. With two years of experience under my belt and having experienced major health improvements, it’s no surprise to me that this vegan/plant-based thing blew up so quickly, but is it just a fad?

With millennials looking for new cutting edge ways to better our planet, their seemingly love for new and creative food offerings, and rather health conscious, I don’t think this is much of a fad. In fact, I think we’re making a revolutionary shift in the way people eat across the globe, particularly in America. I have met my fair share of the baby boomer generation whom seems to be taking note of what millennials are gravitating towards and implementing these lifestyle changes for their own health and longevity. I’m sure the free-spirited hippies of the 60’s and 70’s are more than happy to know that their extremist lifestyles back in the day are making a comeback.

As people start to learn and better understand how food affects their health and that it can be a form of medicine, I don’t think this is just a generational thing either. Hip, fast-paced, environmentally friendly, future-focused, urban cities are paving the way for more vegan friendly food options via restaurants, grocery stores, food delivery services, etc. Now more than ever it’s becoming easier to access good quality, delicious tasting plant-based foods. Heck, even Burger King recently linked up with a major vegan burger company to start selling vegan burgers! The food industry has certainly caught on to what’s popular and offering their menus to be more vegan-friendly.

Now, do let me be clear; just because it’s “vegan” or “#plant-based” doesn’t mean that it’s healthy (I’ll touch on the difference between the two terms in another post!). You can easily make these foods unhealthy by adding loads of salt, sugar, saturated fats, and simple carbs. My rule of thumb is less processed, more natural real foods a.k.a. real whole, plant-based foods. This means shopping in the PRODUCE section of your grocery store…

Whether you’re just hopping on the train or an expert veg-head, I recommend opting for more fresh whole foods. Keep the processed goodies to a minimum and you’ll do just fine. Eating clean doesn’t have to be difficult. As one of my favorite sayings go, “Keep it simple, stupid.” 😉


Andrea Anoka

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