Set It and Forget It

How Using the Law of Attraction Can Bring Health, Wealth, and Abundance In Your Life

It’s gaining more and more popularity, the Law of Attraction. I’ve heard people use the phrase so loosely without actually understanding how it works and how to use it properly. So many gurus make it sound so simple and so easy, yet don’t include the important details. The theory goes, set your intention for what you want, visualize it, and let it go and what you want will come into your life because you simply thought about it. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as thinking about something and “poof!” it magically appears. The crucial step that no one actually hears about is that you actually have to align yourself with the result that you’re trying to attract!

“…you actually have to align yourself with the result that you’re trying to attract!”

Hear me out. Say that you want to lose 10 pounds or attract $1,000 to your bank account. Great! First thing’s first; you must start by setting your intention. Set your goal: think it, write it down, and then speak it out loud. Everything begins with a thought, thus why you must think of the goal you’re seeking to accomplish. When we write things down, we take what’s in our minds and solidify and see what’s in our brains now on paper. Words hold a vibrational frequency, thus when we speak our goals out load that frequency vibrates through every cell of our body. This then transcends that higher vibration out into the universe for it to respond.

“Set your goal: think it, write it down, and then      speak it out load.”

Next step, get clear on your goal to create a belief. When we believe in something, we take action which creates results. Break your big goal down into bite-size step-by-step goals for you to clearly see the path that will lead you to your goal so you can start taking action.

Emotions are what create vibrational frequencies. Without emotion attached to your goal, you will not be able to get your message out into the universe. Start by visualizing your goal and take yourself to the state as if it’s already happened. If you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, visualize yourself 10 pounds thinner and what that would feel like emotionally. What would you look like? How will your clothes fit differently? How will you feel about yourself? How would you carry yourself? What about your has changed energetically?

Then, ask yourself why you want this goal and how it would make you feel. Ask yourself until you can find no more answers to your why. If there is no why, there is no purpose and thus no attainment. Your why should fulfill at least one of your 6 core human needs; certainty, variety, growth, love and connection, significance, and contribution.

E-motion is energy in motion. When we get emotional about something, we are driven to take action. On an energetic level, emotion creates energy in motion which moves and connects with the entire movement of the universe and becomes one with it. This creates connection and manifestation of what you want in life.

      “Without emotion attached to your goal, you will not             be able to get your message out into the universe.”

Now, focus. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show. What we focus on expands. By putting more time, energy, and focus into one thing, the more that energy expands and creates the result. Once you’ve generated energy and focus into your goal,  forget it. Now that you have your goal, the emotions attached to it, the focus and actions behind it, let go. The more your suffocate something by trying to force it to happen, then further it slips away from you. You’re actually creating resistance to that desired result. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “go with the flow”? Let go of any expectations and just let the universe work its magic while you continue to align yourself with the outcome.

What’s just as important when we’re trying to create a certain result is trust. Trust the process. On an energetic level, fear is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies and on a physical level, it stops action. As cave people, this served us in a protective way and our primitive brain did much of the navigating. If you believe in the process and trust that it’s going to work the way it’s supposed to, you’re much more likely to continue to take the actions that will align you with your goal.

        “…fear is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies                and on a physical level, it stops action.”

Fear and doubt will not only cause you to stop taking but also create a greater distance between you and your goal. Most importantly, believe and trust in yourself! If you’ve never done something before, the unknown will be uncomfortable. Accept that this is part of the process and the journey and go with the flow of confidence, trust, and belief…and breathe! You will experience uncomfortable feelings and that’s normal. To resist the emotions, again, creates resistance to your desired result. Breathe through the emotions and keep trusting the process.

Last but not least, allow. Everything is perfect. Know and accept that everything is happening as it’s meant to and that it’s perfect. The world is full of 50/50; 50% of the good and 50% of the bad. You can not have light without dark. There will be humps and bumps along the way, but you will not appreciate or even be open to allowing the good without those humps and bumps. Look at your challenges as paths to greater learning and understanding, opportunities to grow and expand.

       “Know and accept that everything is happening as it’s           meant to and that it’s perfect.”

When you see the positives in situations, you create space for allowing what you want to show up in your life at the right time. But, you have to be behind the right attitude and be good at both giving and receiving. You cannot give if you do not have and you can not have if you do not receive. When opportunities come knocking on your door, don’t keep the door locked. Open it up and allow the opportunity to waltz into your life and dance with you in bliss and harmony because your results have arrived!



Andrea Anoka

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