Life is simple. Eat more plants.

Plant-based personal and private chef services; making healthy eating easy.

Are you feeling any of this?


My Health Has Declined:

I feel sluggish, I am overweight, I’ve become lazy, my diet is poor, I’m often sick, my digestion is poor, I don’t sleep well, I feel older than I am, my body doesn’t move or function the way it used to, my body aches.


I want my diet to match my health goals:

If it’s not prepared for me in advanced, then I’ll default to my old eating habits and deviate from my goals.


I feel overwhelmed:

There’s too much planning and preparation involved. Don’t forget the grocery shopping and trips to the grocery store. I may as well just eat out.


Is plant-based for me:

There’s so much controversy over what is “healthy”. Will I be deficient in my nutritional needs be eating only plants?


Wouldn’t it be a treat to my friends, family, co-workers, or clients to enjoy a beautiful, delicious, healthy meal catered?

Plant-based meals would be even better!


Eating healthy is time consuming:

I’d rather let someone do the heavy lifting for me.


I want to eat healthy, but I don’t know where to start:

There’s too much information to filter through and I just want someone to show me the ropes.

Meet Andrea.

I’m Andrea but call me Drea for short 😉 I am foodie at heart who fell in love with nourishing my body, mind, and soul through food. I have an extensive background in health and wellness with a B.S. in Health Sciences, a Graduate Certificate in Life Coaching, and 18 years in the food and beverage industry.

I was born and raised in the Midwest, accustomed to the standard Midwest diet. I grew up knowing nothing about nutrition or real food and lived off of highly processed, meat heavy, sugar addictive, acidic, and nutrient deplete foods. My obsession with food, unhealthy eating habits, and mental health struggles morphed into a 10 year eating disorder that became the silver lining of finding both my purpose and my new relationship with food. My health and wellness journey has evolved over the years and lead me down the most beautiful paths.

After diving into the vegan world, I discovered so many flaws not just in the food industry, but also the education around food and what we’re taught to believe is “healthy”. I tried many “vegan” and plant-based food products and ate at many health proclaimed restaurants (vegan and not), and I realized how terrible my body and mind felt from the foods I was putting in my body.

I began to figure out that eating real fresh whole foods in their most natural state, and eating a diet slightly alkaline left me feeling more energized, relieved my digestive issues, cleared by brain fog, relieved my leaky gut and “allergies”, allowed for more energy to flow throughout my body, and I simply just felt better.

When I was struggling with my health, I grew tired and frustrated that doctors and specialists had no answers or cures for my ailments. I decided to call the shots with my health and believed there was another way. My journey began with food and movement – making adjustments to my diet and finding what works for me as well as finding the truth of what nourishment really looks and feels like.

I learned the simple steps in transforming my health which inspired me to help others just like you find freedom and balance in your life. Making healthy eating part of a healthy lifestyle and a long-term solution to wellness.

After mastering my own health and wellness and discovering my deep passion and experience in preparing delicious healthy food, I now help people fill their diets with plant-centric dishes that optimize their true potential while taking the weight and burden off of your hands. Leaving more room and ease in your life for you to focus on “the other stuff”.

Health is the new wealth and a healthy lifestyle is the best (and cheapest) insurance you’ll ever find. Food is the gateway to awakening to the best version of you!

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New to hiring a personal/private chef? Need a quote for your upcoming event? Want to learn more about food, nutrition, and the raw vegan lifestyle? Have any other questions? Send me a message and I’ll be in touch with you!

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