Many of us are living in a state of fear. It’s a protective mechanism we inherited from our ancestors. It served us in the past to stay safe and alive. Today, it serves a much smaller purpose because we no longer have the same troubles that we did centuries ago. But, because it’s in our biological programming, we create fight or flight moments for ourselves because it’s become a self-created addiction to experience fear (for many of us).

Since we inherited this addiction to fear, we pass it along to others, especially our children, as a means to protect and keep them safe because it’s what feels more safe for us. As children, we hear all sorts of excuses to not do something – we’re not good enough, we’ll be embarrassed, we’ll fail, etc. When we do this, we’re supporting the naturally inherited addiction gene of fear. We’re expressing fear and adding it to our personality bank each team we let fear win.

So, when opportunities come along or discussions about the future come up, we avoid them. We self-sabotage because we’re afraid and we’re in a state of fear which only allows us to think in the short-term future. We’re busy thinking about the past or fearing the “what if’s” of the future because we don’t trust ourselves to overcome the challenge and the fear that arises.

We’re emotionally unintelligent and don’t know how to allow and receive the emotion of fear – or any emotion that feels uncomfortable.

We quit. And that’s the creation of a missed opportunity at no one’s fault but our own. That is the essence of how we perpetuate self-loathing and self-pitty. When we choose love over fear; when we choose faith over doubt, we created owned opportunities and we go after what we want.

We create the opportunity for growth, change, connection, success, and happiness. We create the opportunity to not only express ourselves more fully, we create the opportunity to connect with and love ourselves more deeply. It’s a beautiful gift and I urge you to create your opportunities because no one else can do it for you.




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