Years ago, I struggled with my mental health and even my physical health. I was constantly visiting doctor’s offices and taking the next prescription paper over to the pharmacy believing this is just the way of life. I believed I wasn’t in control of my health and that I was at the mercy of a doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis. Whatever happened to me must have just been genetic or just part of being human.

I found some pleasure in skipping out on day-to-day activities just to go sit in a doctor’s office, play some solitaire on my phone and wait to be called in to see the “expert” on my own life. I was a victim and I was creating a life of emptiness and un-empowerment. I was depressed, anxious, bi-polar at times, self-sabotaging, and unaccountable. It felt like I was always spinning my wheels and never able to stay focused. I was constantly forgetting appointments or where I left my keys. I wasn’t seeing my life from a bird’s eye view.

Even though I was running the cycle of victimhood and putting my fate in the hand’s of someone else’s perspective of my health and wellness, there was always an inner voice whispering curiosity or wisdom in the forefront of my mind. I started to think there was a way to change my life and the state of my health without using prescription drugs or waiting for the next doctor’s appointment to tell me whether I’m doing well or if there’s something to be worried about that I need to be mindful of.

One day, I woke the fuck up and found myself at the bird’s eye view seeing myself from the outside. I saw a much bigger picture.

I’ve done the work to save myself from myself. I drove myself to the top of the mountain from the bottom of the mountain. I found the example for something better and I made better of myself. I figured out the patterns and limiting beliefs and behaviors that got me into and kept me in anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder. I changed them to be free from the mental and physical cages I put myself in.

I learned how to navigate my headspace and my emotions and how to be the CEO of my own life. I learned the secret to achieving anything and attracting what you desire to have is the feeling you generate in your body created by your mind (inner environment).

The external environment is a direct reflection of your inner environment. Experiencing disorder and chaos on the outside only means that you’re disorderly and chaotic on the inside. Change it and you will attract order and calmness in your outer world.

Experiencing blissful encounters and circumstances, you are feeling blissful internally, thus your inner environment is in a state of bliss. Your energy is vibrating so radiantly and blissfully. You are attracting that equal energetic experience to you. Change your thoughts, change your emotions; change your actions and achieve new circumstances. Stay focused on the end goal and it will come to you as quickly and consistently as you hold your state of mind and energetic vibrations.

What frequency are you on? What stories are you telling yourself? What habits are you holding onto that are getting in your way of achieving the life you desire?

I’ve done the work. Looking back, it seems a lot easier than it ever felt at the time, but it was WORTH IT!. Give me your 100% and I will guide you into achieving the body, mind, and life you want and a thriving life fulfilled. Be responsible for yourself and you will reap the harvest in abundance.





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