I remember years ago obsessively researching human and pet health and solutions for helping my dog Jade and I live healthy lives. I began finding articles on natural solutions for both humans and pets and I started seeing missing links to the convention wisdom I had been handed down by mainstream vets, doctors, and other health experts. I noticed a trend that I couldn’t turn away from.

What really drew my attention in was that answer I constantly came across whenever I researched natural remedies or solutions for dog and cat health. I discovered health is not a one-size-fits-all thing and that in order to fix the whole, you have to take a holistic approach. One constant that I continued to find in preventing dis-ease and early death in dogs and cats was diet (and lifestyle), but especially diet. I learned the dark truth of what 87% of Americans were feeding their beloved dogs and cats and I couldn’t believe the garbage we’ve allowed (knowingly or unknowingly) ourselves to feed our companions.

I discovered the term-species appropriate diets in regards to dog and cat nutrition. I learned that our dogs and cats are supposed to be eating a real, whole, fresh food diet mostly animal-based with some vegetation. That they (and all other animals)  were DESIGNED to eat a diet biologically appropriate to them. So, if that’s the case for animals, then shouldn’t the same principle apply to us humans. And, if that’s true, then what is our diet supposed to look like?

I remember watching several documentaries on the meat, dairy, and overall food industry. I began to see the hidden truths behind mainstream marketing and the biased information we’re spoon fed in our educational systems, by our healthcare professionals and the different sectors of the food industry. I was frustrated, but grateful I discovered the truth. Animals are basically the middleman for humans to achieve their nutritional needs. As a self-proclaimed animal lover, it made zero sense for me to call myself as such and know that I’m eating the very animals I claimed to be passionate about.

From that point on, the switch to a vegan (plant-based) diet was a no-brainer for me. I took the leap of faith with zero preparation. It was an initial struggle. I was clueless as to what I would eat, but fortunately there were some pioneers before me who figured out to do this thing and make delicious healthy food made entirely from plants. I learned how easy it was to swap ingredients and realized that any dish can be veganized.

My transition period was more like a detox for my body, mind, and even soul. My body went through an adjustment period, as you do with any diet change. I craved cheese the most, but fortunately, with time and consistency, my palate adjusted and the animal-based foods I once loved and craved no longer beckoned my taste buds. My body began to feel stronger, healthier, and recovered much more quickly from my workouts. I had more energy, stamina, and mental clarity. I was finally on a smooth sailing conquest.

Making such a radical change in my diet was certainly challenging in many ways, but I was fortunate to have such a great support system (my partner) and the food industry has since expanded the options of plant-based or vegan alternatives. Restaurants have jumped on the band wagon as well and food bloggers have gotten very savvy in their vegan creations that are simple, easy, and affordable for anyone to make the switch.

Nowadays, many health and food coaches are available left and right to help people make the switch, including myself! If eating plant-based or just healthier in general is on your radar, email me for free discover call to see how I can help! Or, if you’re ready to make the commitment, purchase any one of my 1:1 coaching programs so I can help you in your journey.




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